Baron Wealth Management’s mission is to empower others to meet the challenges of a well lived life. Our firm’s core values keep our team focused on providing exceptional client service and a single point of contact for all financial needs.

  • OwnershipWe are accountable; we do not need to be micromanaged. We understand that all tasks are important and that we must be responsible for our own work.
  • Service OrientedOur expectation is that every client experience meets a gold standard.
  • Hard WorkingWe care. We genuinely care about the well-being and long-term success of our colleagues and each of our clients. We work hard and focus our attention on achieving and exceeding expected results.
  • KnowledgeableGaining and sharing knowledge is part of who we are. We are lifelong learners who have a passion for educating others. We truly enjoy translating data into information that our clients can apply to make better decisions.
  • TeamworkWe take a team approach to our work. We understand our strengths and the importance of the role we play on the team. We do not have silos; we thrive on collaborating and working together. Constant communication helps us create a complete client relationship.